Dennis Morgan is a UK Private Not for Profit Social Enterprise  registered company established  to support Communities in social and economic developing focusing with a key focus on Education support and Entrepreneurial skills Development. Our activities are supported through the reinvesting of our profits , Donations and Partnerships with individuals, Companies and government developing agencies

Our Vision 

​To implement and support sustainable programs that offer social and economic developing opportunities, and lifesaving services now and for future generations

Our mission 
To support communities through reinvesting our profits and providing services in;

Department for Business & Innovation 

Microsoft Partner Network


We shape our clients’ future, combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. Our focus on issues related to digital tools,  redefining competitiveness, operating and business models as well as the workforce of the future helps our clients find future value and growth in a digital world


We combine technology that digitizes and automates business processes, unlocks actionable insights, and delivers everything-as-a-service with our team's deep industry, functional and technical expertise. So you can confidently chart your course to consuming your core business services on demand, accelerate innovation and speed to market. 


To transform your business, you need a partner—One who brings you new and innovative ideas every day. A partner with deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities. A partner who works shoulder to shoulder with you to help you reach the next level of performance. With over 15 years  expertise in Developed and Developing Markets.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Our Development Partners 


Working with communities, Together 


We  have aligned our customer offerings around customers , channels and markets with  a complete integrated   Digital Business and Technology services. We help you understand and implement Digital Business tools and ideas that are in your Business, to give you a competitive advantage.